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A Bad Debt Credit Card: Likely Terms

When you are in the market for a bad debt credit card, this often means that you have credit that is poor or below average.

Many lenders will offer some types of credit cards to individuals that have poor credit, but every lender is different in their cut off point (when credit scores are too low to offer credit.)

The problem many people have is that they need to have credit in order to improve their credit. What can you expect from a bad debt credit card? There are several things and you should have a good idea about what each lender offers before you consider working with them.

Look At The Terms

The most important place for you to find information about the bad debt credit card you are applying for is the terms. Legally, a lender must provide these for you before you fill out the application for the line of credit.

Here is a look at what you can expect when you have poor credit scores:

1. Lower credit limits: most lenders provide you with a lower amount that you can borrow at one time. This minimizes the risk of the lender and keeps them from having too much at risk credit. Over time, and with good repayment history, they may raise this amount.

2. Higher interest rates: Depending on just how low your credit score is, the bad debt credit card is likely to have a higher interest rate. Therefore, you will likely pay more to borrow funds from the lender, though rates are different from one company to the next.

3. Higher fees: Nearly all credit card companies will charge higher fees to those who have bad credit. This may include membership fees, annual fees and one time processing fees. These can be costly. Look for a company that can provide you with the best fee schedule possible.

With bad debt credit cards, you do have options. Many lenders are more flexible than others are.

Moreover, if you keep making payments on time and keep your balance low, they will be willing to extend the amount of credit they give to you.

Best of all, you will be working on improving your credit score, which in turn will make you less risky to the lender.

When you see your credit score rise over time, be sure to let your lender know. They may be willing to lower your interest rate and get you out of that bad debt credit card and into a more secure, lower interest rate card instead of the more costly card you are starting out.

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