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Refinancing Auto Loan Tips

Refinancing an auto loan can be one of the best decisions you ever made. Refinancing an auto loan is similar to refinancing a house, except with one difference. With a house, you have to get it appraised before a lender will do a re-fi for you; however, refinancing an auto loan is based solely on what you owe on the existing loan.

Your primary goals to refinancing an auto loan are to lower your interest rate and lowering your monthly payments. This is a fairly new concept, mainly stemming from the way the economy is now. In the past we bought a new car, drove it off the lot and paid the monthly payments for the term of the loan, and we felt good when we made that last payment. Now it makes more sense to refinance with a lender of your choosing and negotiate for the best auto loan terms possible. A rule of thumb is that you will need to seek out another lender than the one holding your existing loan, because most lenders don’t re-fi an existing loan.

Before refinancing an auto loan, you need to check your credit record. You can ask one of the credit bureaus, Experian, Equiax, or True Credit for your credit report; it is important to check to see that your credit report is accurate. Any errors should be addressed and cleared up, and any bad debt should be cleared up to take the negative marks off your record. People with better credit ratings are approved for the lower interest rates.

When buying a new car, if you did not get a 3 percent APR, you might want to consider get some refinancing auto loan information from a well known lender. You may be able to find a refinancing auto loan with an APR 1 or more percentage points lower than you are paying with your existing loan. Before refinancing, look around for the best refinancing auto loan rates. You can go online and use a loan calculator and how much you will save by refinancing.

If you are considering a refinancing auto loan, it is best to refinance within the first two years of the loan. Automobiles depreciate in value over time; by waiting too long to refinance the lender may not be able to refinance your car because you would owe more than the car is worth.

When filling out a refinancing auto loan application, be sure the spelling on the form is correct. If you have recently married and changed your last name, you need to use the name that is on the existing loan. You can save yourself a lot of trouble, because if the spelling is not correct, or the name is not the same as what is on the original account the computer will reject your application, and your request will be denied. Refinancing an auto loan should not be difficult, and if you shop around for the best lender and do your research, you shouldn’t run into any problems.