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Managing Bad Debt Expense: The Extras Will Kill You

Do you deal with bad debt expense with every monthly payment that you have? This would be any additional fees, interest and costs added to your account that increase the balance for you even though you did not really spend anything.

Many people deal with this type of bad debt expense on a regular basis and it is often what keeps them from being caught up with the debts they have, too. If you are dealing with this type of situation, what options do you have? Here are some to consider.

Getting The Fees To Stop

There are a number of fees that continue to add on to your financial state and create bad debt expense for you. For many people at their highest debt point and have maxed out credit cards, this expense comes in the form of over the limit fees.

For others, the high interest rates, which are near 29 percent in some situations, are just as worrisome to them. For others, there are additional fees like membership fees, annual fees and even one time application fees that may be causing the problem.

On top of this, there may be a variety of charges made for credit protection or other such programs that are added to your credit account each month. When these are added to your already high credit limit, the problems will worsen.

To get out of this type of situation, you can do several things. You do not have to let the bad debt expense continue to pile on.

• Consider debt consolidation. If you have home equity, use it to pay off your debts. Or, if you qualify for debt consolidation loans, use those services to help you pay off the debt into one larger payment. This will stop all of these expenses.
• Consider a debt consolidation program such as credit counseling. These services help by stopping the charges, dropping the interest rates considerably and allowing you to pay all of your debts included in one monthly payment to a third party.
• Call your lenders and talk to them. In many situations, they are willing to make the additional costs on your loan stop or improve if you work with them.
• Consider debt settlement which is a onetime payment arranged usually by a third party that will settle the debt in full for less than the amount you owe.

When it comes to bad debt expense, many problems could happen, but making the right financial decisions now can help you get out and stay out of financial trouble down the road.